Superdrive – Racing Steering Wheel Driving Wheel SV200 with pedals and shift paddles for Nintendo Switch – PS4 – Xbox One – PC


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  • Thanks to its programming function, the Driving Wheel is compatible with all games on the market: Gran Turismo Sport - Forza motor sport 7 - Drive club - Project Cars - Forza Horizon - GTA V - Farming Simulator.


  • Wired steering wheel, with 180 rotation..Delivered with 2 pedals. 2 paddles for gear shifting.
  • Sensitivity adjustment.
  • Equipped with suction pads.
  • Thanks to its programming function, the Driving Wheel is compatible with all games on the market: Gran Turismo...

    User reviews

    I bought this steering wheel to use as both an Xbox and PC steering wheel. I broke down the sections with a header. I didn't know what to expect when I purchased this steering wheel. It was just newly released, so I took a gamble.XBOX Review 07/06/20:TLDR: Highly recommend for a first steering wheel for Xbox, details below.I plugged it into my Xbox (it's a bit strange how it sets up on consoles, but it's easy: you have to plug the steering wheel into the Xbox (or Playstation), plug another cable into your controller, and then turn on the console). I find the cord that is included with the steering wheel to be way too short, I op tested (Operationally Tested, jargon) it on my lap, and I had trouble concentrating on keeping my Xbox controller on my lap, the steering wheel, AND the race (Forza 7). The cable included is maybe 6 inches.As far as the actual play of it, it actually worked quite well! I tried my first race with the default sensitivity, and it wasn't sensitive enough. I decided to go all out and change the sensitivity to the maximum, and it works BEAUTIFULLY on Forza 7. Changing the sensitivity (after reading the instructions) was a breeze. The play was pleasant (there's no force feedback, but I don't really need that), and I'm looking forward to trying it with F1 (on Xbox) or Nascar Heat 4 (PC).PC Review: My next day off of work :-P*UPDATE* 07/28/20I've just used this on both F1 2018 and Nascar Heat 4 on the PC. It has performed perfectly on both of these games. You just need to set up a control scheme through the actual game, and it does what it needs to.I would HIGHLY recommend this steering wheel to anyone looking to dip their toe into the water. The only MINOR gripe I have is that the suction cups don't stick terribly well unless they're wet. I've played about 9-12 hours with the steering wheel, and have no issues as far as the performance of this wheel.
    Pros:-wheel does not lock in top center, very smooth action, good bearing.-vibration-works on ps4 and xbox one s (tested)-dpad/buttons on wheel mimic controller, easy to navigate unlike other wheels.Cons:-small diameter. Does not bother me.-like all controller based wheels compatible with both consoles, this has a dead zone that is more pronounced on xbox. Not a wheel issue, just an xbox issue. PS4 seems to work better with these universal wheels.-pedals could be bigger, but they articulate just fine.Summary: outstanding value and features for money in a compact wheel. Some wheels only available for one console or the other can out perform this, but for a universal wheel, this has everything you need for half the money!
    I got it and it didn’t work so I returned it and never got my refund

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