Gaming Mouse Wireless Rechargeable, USB Mouse Gaming, RGB Chroma Backlit Mouse, Hyperspeed Comfortable Grip Ergonomic Optical Mice with Honeycomb Shell for PC Computer Laptop


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  • CHROMA RGB BACKLIT - Our RGB Chroma Backlit Mouse had 5 modes of RGB backlit light: Rainbow /Stream /Breathing /Pure / Non-luminous, which makes you a super fun experience while using a computer.
  • ADJUSTABLE DPI - Adjustable DPI speed switch: 800-1600-3200, easily and casually control the speed. Plugging the USB receiver into the USB interface directly without any other drivers or software.


  • LIGHTWEIGHT HONEYCOMB SHELL - The gaming mouse is optimized with honeycomb shell, made it be supremely durable and lightweight, you can play longer without fatigue, and have an excellent gaming experience.
  • CHROMA RGB BACKLIT - Our RGB Chroma Backlit Mouse had 5 modes of RGB...

    User reviews

    Nice mouse. The manual could be a little bit better-written to explain how the LED lighting function is activated, but other than that, highly recommended and excellent value when compared to other gaming mice on the market.
    Works great! Bought it because my hands were beginning to ache from using my laptop’s keypads all day and this helped tremendously with ergonomics.. Convenient (especially the wireless aspect), looks good, and my hands hurt less, so I’d definitely recommend
    I like the design, it is similar to death adder size and feel. But weighs lighter due to the hollow honeycomb design on the back and the sides. These small holes also keeps my sweaty hands dry and cool.The LED has many modes to change from, personally I like the breathing one the best.Overall a great mouse I would recommend if you are palm grip user!

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